9/21/2017 Tim O. Brought the truck in for front brakes and rotors, discussed service and cost over phone and estimate of work (i dropped truck off next day). Shop called that day once they starting working on the truck to let me know they started working on the truck and estimate when the truck would be finished. The mechanics could have just throw a set a rotors and pads on and called it a day, but they spent time beyond what most mechanics would do and reviewed the rotor and brake combinations that would best suit my truck and driving patterns. The product they were able to source and install was a significantly better grade then I would have been able to get off the self for the same price of the parts. This is a mechanic shop that takes pride in their work, they didn't like how the one lug nuts on the truck was and could have easily just past the buck and put it back on but they replaced the lug nut saving me a headache next tire rotation or service.
9/17/2017 Jani F. Excellent service ....!
9/16/2017 Phil C. Great service !
9/1/2017 Paul D. timely and thorough
8/30/2017 S. S. Always honest & best quality service
8/22/2017 Rocco F. The work is always completed on time. The job is done right the first time.
8/22/2017 Eunice V. Very direct and personable. I don't worry about hidden fees or charges. These guys are upfront. They also took the time to explain charges to me and what I am going to need in the future regarding the care of my car. It is great to get service, knowing you are getting honest answers and integrity with those services provided. There is no need to go anywhere else, at least for me.
8/10/2017 Dale S. Great service and friendly people
8/7/2017 Sheila R. I need a tire repaired and Louis took me right in.
8/6/2017 Ken W. When its fixed,you know your good to go without a problem.
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